Benefits of Solar Panels

Solar panels are a rapidly growing method to power homes, businesses, and even communities. Solar cells have undergone a massive growth in their efficiency ability, their production and has only seen drops in price. As the conversation regarding climate change became one we are having on a daily basis, the rise of clean and renewable energy sources was inevitable.

Solar panels are one of the solutions that people can undertake on an individual basis.

This is a solution that not only helps the environment but gives individuals power of their contribution. The Federal Government of the United States offers numerous subsidies and there are numerous programs available to help people of all income levels use solar energy. Homes of all sizes can make use of solar panels, and complete PV systems.

It’d be daft to ignore the fact that using solar solutions makes people feel good about themselves, and their participation in the future. It’s also daft to think that solar power doesn’t have numerous benefits, for both the individual user and the entire world. Solar energy at it’s core is ‘free’ electricity, and the cost is associated with the purchase and installation of the system rather than the use of electricity. Solar energy is so valuable that military forces, specifically the United States Marine Corps, has made wide use of solar energy on their facilities. This may leave you wondering why?

How can solar benefit me specifically?

Saving the World


While this one may be a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s not completely false. The world’s atmosphere and climate is at risk now more than ever, and every contribution to clean and renewable energy is one effort to help save the world. You live here too, so it’s a direct benefit to you. The more solar power used means the fewer carbon emissions created by fossil fuels. You could reduce your personal carbon footprint by 40 tons with a simple 4 KW system. When you purchase or lease (yes, you can lease) a solar system you are also contributing to market demand. The greater the market the demand, the lower the price, the lower the price the more common solar systems will become. Greater demand means more money for research, more research will mean more efficient solar panels. This is a harmonious circle that benefits everyone.

Save (and make) money with solar panels


The price of fossil fuel based energy varies but is certainly more expensive than solar energy. Solar energy is, in fact, free in some ways, the initial investment into the system is how the cost per watt is determined. Cost is dropping significantly, though, every year it drops a bit more, with one company on the way to producing a 55 cent per watt solar PV system. Solar systems often pay themselves off after a certain amount of years depending on your system. Once these systems “pay themselves off” every little bit of energy you gather is free. Some systems may not be able to completely kill your reliance on grid energy, but you can still save significant money.

In some countries, special programs have been instituted to actually provide income for those who feed excess power into the grid. These systems offer a profitable incentive to own a solar PV system, and encourage energy savings by their owners. The more energy you save, the more you can sell.

Low Maintenance

Solar systems are extremely low maintenance. Once installed they are typically good to go for decades before they need any maintenance. Solar systems have a 25-year lifespan before the solar panels begin to degrade and you’ll see performance loss. The basic requirements are easy, you need to make sure pollen, dust, and snow are not building a layer that blocks sunlight from your panels. Other than that there isn’t much you are required to do. Most panels have excellent warranties and will provide both maintenance and repairs if necessary. You’ll need to of course trim trees that may shade over your panels, but that is about it.

You can forget about them

Solar panels are unique in terms of renewable energy when it comes to how easy they are to use. Biomass based energy and wind-based energy can be efficient, and effective, but it requires attention. Biomass creates smoke, requires constant feeding, and creates  the need for some clean up afterward. Wind turbines are brittle, require maintenance, and need quite a bit of room to operate. Solar energy is simple, install it and forget about it. It’s most often installed on your roof, which I doubt is being used for much besides keeping the elements out. Solar energy is noiseless, byproduct free, and as we already talked about, low maintenance.

Increasing home/business value

A solar PV system equipped to a home or small business gives the location a considerable increase in overall value. Lower electricity costs can be inserted into the building’s overall value, and the fact these systems are gaining in popularity makes them an attractive feature. Homes with solar PV systems installed tend to sell 20% faster than homes without.

Energy Security

No country, nation or army can control the fact that the sun rises and sets in a predictable manner every single day. No one can tax, tariff or prevent importation of the sun. With solar energy, you have security and independence from any nation. The use of solar energy has the potential of solving several political and economical issues.

Job Creation


Solar energy is a growing market, with the massive demand for solar power around the world. This demand has resulted in a growing need for solar PV system experts. People who can install, maintain, and service solar PV systems. This has the potential to create jobs around the world and teaches valuable skills to a new market.

Solar power is chock full of advantages and has very few disadvantages. The solar system as we know it is an invaluable source of power than cannot be ignored. Solar PV systems have advantageous regardless of your personal reasons to invest in solar energy. The advantages range greatly, but overall you’ll be a long-term contributor to the health of our planet.

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