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The world is opening to see that the future can be established from the past; in this case it is the reusable “eco bags”.
In our ever-growing environmentally conscious world, something reusable or recycled is something to consider. More and more shoppers are moving reusable canvas totes to the grocery market. And, even though those are fine for toting home tomatoes, wouldn’t it be nice to have a stylish and environmentally friendly eco bag? Shoppers in-the-know have started sporting chic, eco bags.

Many sovereign designers have begun to create handbags, diaper bags, totes, purses, messenger bags, and carry-alls in an assortment of “fabrics” that you probably never thought would finish up transforming themselves into a fashion accessory!


In adding up to the hot indeed designers, many local artisans in disadvantaged communities are crafting these bags as well. Profits from these bags are funneled back to the groups, helping to ensure a better economic prospect. These eco bags not only use recycled materials, they also promote fair trade within non-profit, economic, and community development organizations. Plus, you should see these bags – they’re totally gorgeous!

Some of the materials used by these purse-makers are items that we would usually toss in the trash: soda cans tabs, candy wrappers, reclaimed inner tubes, felt, truck tarps, garbage bags, old sails, seat belts, movie bills, and rice bags. Other materials are environmentally grown, such as hemp or else bamboo.

Eco bags come in a multiplicity of shapes, sizes and colors. Some sport fun patterns and textures, while others feature stamped-on graphics. The choices are never-ending and you’ll be surprised to see how numerous there are!

Whether you go for the designer grasp or the fair trade tote, you’ll be a walking example of how to be hip and eco-friendly. Cutting back on garbage and behind under-developed communities are both enormous ways to feel good about your fashion choices. These eco bags not only have style and quality, but they make a grand conversation piece as well.

Different types of Eco Bags


The first type of Eco-friendly bags are the reusable or recyclable ones that are made out of material that can be used over and over again without causing harm to the environment. The materials that are used to manufacture Eco-friendly bags are in most cases used from waste and people will most probably not need them. These materials can be put into good use by turning them into reusable bags that are Eco-friendly. These bags are made by using materials that are acquired after they have been taken through a process that makes them into a fabric that is reusable without creating any harm to Eco system. Such materials because will later disintegrate without any problem. The products actually look good and have great benefit to the environment.

The different types of environmentally friendly bags are evident in the classifications of materials that are used to manufacture the bags. Vinyl is the most commonly used material as far as reusable bags are concerned although there is also canvas, hemp, nylon, cotton and recycled plastic. There is also jute material, organic bags and paper carry bags. All these materials can be used for promotional purposes and they can be made in different colors and designed in ways that suit any company depending on how the company wants them to look.

Another major difference with regards to Eco-bags is the way that they are manufactured and especially how their styles are designed. Many of these bags will come in the tote style of and are made with short handles. The bag is usually square in shape and very much familiar to plastic or paper bags. Sometimes these bags can be made with handles that are long and are capable of accommodating lots of luggage with some having a bottom that is leveled out and can be used to carry luggage without difficulty. Generally, you will find very many different types of Eco-friendly bags.


Environmentally friendly bags are also available in an assortment of patterns, structures and colors that can allow a company to show their customers appreciation through gifting. They can also be used to send the theme message of the company thus enhancing the image of the company while at the same time taking the care to be environmentally friendly.

Nonetheless, while there are many types of Eco-friendly bags, the canvas pack bag is one that is very popular because of its durability and the fact that it looks quite trendy. This is one environmentally friendly bag that is washable and can be used again and again. These bags are actually more practical and have many advantages when examined in contrast to many other types of Eco-friendly bags.

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