Electrical power is what makes modern civilization possible… but is it smart to rely on the grid anymore?

In today’s unstable world, threats of both nature and man are constantly evolving, consequently making the already aging and faulty infrastructure less and less reliable.

And when it goes down, it isn’t just a mild "inconvenience" anymore. You could be put in the extremely dangerous situation of having to live without lights, important appliances, communication, heat, or power for critical medical devices for days…even months.

So, what should we expect in the future?

Failures from equipment and infrastructure vulnerabilities

According to federal data, the number of blackouts have fluctuated over the past years and the US grid loses power 285% more often than in did 20 years ago.

The director of the Technological Leadership Institute at the University of Minnesota, said that the increasing number of blackouts is caused by the aging infrastructure (that was built after WWII from designs dating back to Thomas Edison) and the lack of investment, alongside climate impact, growing population and other threats.

Since 2006, an average of 148 electrical disturbances happened every year, meaning that every three days, there is a power outage leaving people without electricity.

Imminent Danger From Cyber-attacks

The U.S. power grid has been considered a logical target for a long time and if you take into consideration the events from past years, an attack is no longer a theoretical concern – just look at the 2016 Ukrainian malware attack. 

In 2014 alone, there were 79 incidents in the US and in the same year the director of the NSA, Admiral Michael Rogers testified before the Congress that China and a few other countries have the capability to shut down the US grid.

According to a new 492-page report from the Department of Energy, “Widespread disruption of electric service because of a transmission failure initiated by a cyberattack at various points of entry could undermine U.S. lifeline networks, critical defense infrastructure, and much of the economy; it could also endanger the health and safety of millions of citizens.”

And if that isn’t scary enough, the same report says that not only are these cyber-attacks evolving, but officials are slow in deploying defensive measures.

The Increasing Threat Of Severe & Unpredictable Weather 

Every year, meteorologist try to provide an estimate of what kind of weather we can expect, but predicting what impact it will have on our country is extremely difficult.

If you’ve watched the news lately, you know that the hurricane season is upon the US causing incredible damage and throwing our nation back into the dark ages, killing people and making unprepared citizens leave their homes in short notice.

Strong winds made poles, wires and hydro-towers topple and snap forcing the industry and normal lives to halt indefinitely.

And because it can take weeks for power to get back up, people have to live in harsh conditions, unable to keep their supplies from spoiling or to turn on the heat.

Also, power outages made life dangerous for all those who were stranded waiting to be rescued… and in some cases resulting in deaths.

Puerto Rico's energy grid took such a severe blow from Hurricane Maria that restoring power to everyone may take 6 months!!

Electricity Prices Going UP 

Electricity rates fluctuate annually. But, as you can see in the table below, the prices have risen steadily in the last decade.

This graph from EIA shows the increase between May 2007 and Mat 2017. During this time, the US residential electricity prices rose by about 20% -  from an average of 10.8 cents in 2007 to 13 cents/kWh in 2017.

That means that if you use about 500kWh/month, you will have paid about $750 more!

And the worst part is that it’s highly unlikely for prices to fall in the future, as predicted by The Energy Information Agency in a long-term (out to 2040) report.

So, what's next?

We have a free solution for you!

None of us can predict the future or know exactly when the grid will be hit, but power outages are a fact of life these days and we must be prepared if we want to survive.

Taken into account all the imminent dangers, a blackout could happen soon and it will be devastating.

If history has taught us anything, is that in unpredictable scenarios self-reliant and prepared people are the ones who always survive.

And it’s time you start thinking about having a lucky card up your sleeve and generate your own reliable power.

And the best solution is having a portable generator that you can easily take with you in case you have to evacuate your home fast or want electricity while you go hunting.

So, whether it’s for survival, camping, saving money on bills, powering your home or remote cabin, or just as a backup for when the grid goes down, this Backpack Electricity unit will never let you down!  

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It was carefully engineered to offer cheap but dependable power solutions that can become truly portable!

It will keep:

  • You and your family sheltered during a storm, making the situation less stressful
  • All the essentials powered – even in your remote location
  • Refrigerators running to preserve fresh
  • A sump pump powered during a flood
  • The lights on that will keep your family calm
  • Your phone, radio and all communications on

Just imagine the peace of mind you’ll have when a crisis hits and your family asks: “When is the power coming back?”.

You’ll be able to calmly reassure them that everything is fine, they are safe and that there is enough electricity for all critical items.

Your home will be the calm and tranquility during a storm.

So, grab the system that will not only allow you to become properly prepared for any unpredicted situation, power outage or just for camping, but can also be upgreadable for a self-sufficient life.




Long-term report:





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