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Homemade wind power generator for your rooftop – The facts

The wind’s energy can be used to produce sustainable electricity that is more than capable of providing power to your home. The lights, appliances, and other electrical devices inside your home can get their power from the stored electricity in your wind power generator. With the significant advancement of technology with regards to wind generators, homeowners nowadays have the option to purchase wind generators or just opt for a homemade wind power generator. Contrary to the common belief, it is actually possible to install a wind power generator on the rooftop of your home or business. If you are planning to do this project on your own, you may need some basic installation expertise. Otherwise, you can employ professionals to install it for you.


If you are planning to install a wind turbine on your rooftop, you should do so in a manner in which the wind turbine can capture the wind’s power optimally. The blades of your wind turbine should constantly spin, in order for you to maximize its power generating capability. When the turbine blades spin, electricity is generated through the wind turbine’s connection to electrical lines toward a charge controller. The larger the blades are on your wind turbine, the more wind it can harness to keep it spinning, and the more it spins, the more electricity it can generate. However, for the budget conscious, you should know that the bigger the wind turbine, the more expensive it will be, especially with the installation and maintenance. The most common type of wind turbine you will find on home rooftops are the swift wind turbines, as they typically sit only two feet off the roof and are particularly less expensive to maintain, and they are also quite easy to install.

As the turbine blades of your homemade wind power generator spins o the roof, electricity is produced and transmitted to a charge controller and is then stored in batteries inside your home for later use, or if you wish, you can immediately use that stored electricity to power the electrical devices in your home. When the stored electricity is used, it will pass through an inverter that is in charge of sending power to a standard electrical panel or breaker box, which is then responsible for diverting power to various outlets all over your home for direct use.

Many of the essential parts of these types of wind power generators can be bought at your local hardware or home supply stores. They are also quite inexpensive, so you should be alright if you are worried about your budget. The wind turbine, however, is a different story. Unless you are skilled enough to make your own, you will have to order it from specific companies that sell them. If you are not confident enough with your skills to handle the electrical wiring aspect of your homemade wind power generator, you can always hire professional help or if you have a friend who is highly experienced with electrical installation, perhaps you can ask him to help you out. Either way, whatever this project may have cost you, rest assured that it will eventually return all the money you spent in installing and purchasing by simply reducing your electricity bills.

How the domestic wind turbines are efficient power sources for homes

Wind is considered to be one of the most important sources of energy. Most people are unaware of the fact that wind can be used to generate electricity too. The kinetic energy from this can be converted into electrical power with the help of devices, known as, wind turbines. The concept of domestic wind turbines, in which, small scale turbines are used to capture the power of this natural force, which is then used to generate electricity in homes, is becoming increasingly popular as it brings about a major reduction in the reliance on fossil fuels.

Advantages of wind energy

Wind is one of the most important forms of energy and these turbines are designed to make the most of this energy. Some of the major advantages of this form of energy that make wind turbines as efficient power source are mentioned below:

  • Wind energy is today considered to be one of the safest source of green energy. These turbines do not emit any harmful gases, which makes them extremely environment-friendly.
  • Another major advantage of this is that it helps in reducing your electricity bills. Since it is a source of energy which is available completely free of cost, the only cost that you will have to pay is the installation cost.
  • With the help of these turbines, you can store the electricity which has not been used in batteries so that you can use it on days when there is no wind. So, there is no need to worry about the shortage of power on such days.
  • Another important benefit of these turbines is that the government has offered various tariffs, through which, you will be compensated for the electricity that you actually generate through these wind turbines.
  • The turbines don’t really need a lot of space to be installed, due to which they are extremely space efficient. The land below these turbines does not go waste as you can use it for other purposes, such as, farming.
  • This natural energy is an extremely reliable source of energy. The wind energy originates from the sun and as long as the sun keeps shining, there will never be a shortage of wind power.
  • Once these have been installed, the operational costs that are incurred are extremely low.

Wind turbines for homes are normally available in two different types, namely, building mounted and pole mounted. The pole mounted ones are the standalone structures, whilst, the building mounted ones are usually installed on the roofs of houses. Some are unaware of the fact that this power actually originates from the sun. The radiation from the sun heats up the surface of the earth, which, then, results in the replacement of somewhat hot air with cool air. There is no doubt that installing wind turbines in homes is actually one of the best ways to generate electricity in off grid homes.

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