Introduction to Aquaponics

With the advancement of farming technology today, you might have encountered the word “aquaponics”. So what is aquaponics? It is a term being used for the symbiotic process in which both plants and fish have mutual relationships. It means that both of them can benefit with each other. It is a kind of environment where plants use the waste of fish as a means to live and survive and in the same way plant’s waste are used by fish to live.

This brilliant idea of farming has been created with an aim for farmers and agricultural firms to take part for the greener environment. One of the common problems these days is the use of synthetic fertilizers which can give off harmful toxins and chemicals in the environment. All of us are aware of its dangerous effects and it’s good to know that we have aquaponics to solve that problem and be able to grow plants without using synthetic fertilizers.

How Aquaponics Does Its Job

Thinking of what is aquaponics and how it works? Here are some key points for you to have a deeper understanding on how it works both for fish and the plants.

  • In order to set-up your own aquaponics system, you should prepare your grow beds for plants and water tank for the fish. To connect the water from both sources, pipes must be used.
  • For the plants: The water from the fish tanks is pumped to the grow beds. It is used primarily to water the soil where plants and crops grow. Since fish wastes are food for the plants, it is a nutritious fertilizer for it since there are no harmful side effects from fish wastes.
  • For the fish: The water from the grow beds will be pumped again to the fish tanks. However, to make it filtered and clean again, it must pass through a filter system, may it be stones, sands and pebbles. The wastes from plants have good part in them, that fish can use and since they came from plants, the water has adequate oxygen content.

So what is aquaponics and how is it done? It’s as simple as stated above. You are free to choose whatever type of fish you want to put in the fish tank. What makes it the best technique in the farming is that you can conserve as much water as you want. Since the water stays on the cycle over and over again, you only need to replace a little amount of water that has evaporated during the process. It is perfect for farms where water supplies are quite limited.

Learning about aquaponics is actually a good start. You will know how it is done and how it can affect our environment. Since there are no chemicals involved, you are sure that your crops are not contaminated with harmful toxins or with the water in your fish tank. It’s absolutely economical and practical for every farmer; and since its eco-friendly, you already took part in helping our environment get greener and cleaner.


But, How Do You Go About Creating Your Aquaponics Systems?

First, let’s take a second to understand why this is so important. Gardening with aquaponics grows plants without creating pollution. Industrial farms create a lot of waste and have a negative effect on nature and the environment of our one and only Earth. Food from the grocery store will inevitably contain pesticides and toxins to which your family will be exposed. Fertilizers, pesticides, and other chemicals are now known to cause many diseases. When you grow it yourself, you have total control over your family’s exposure to potentially dangerous chemicals.

Not to mention, there may be many economic benefits as well. An aquaponics system is an inexpensive manner in which to feed your family. Fresh vegetables and fruits are often quite expensive at the grocery store; and they may lack freshness and quality. In addition, financial unrest all over the globe continues to increase food expenses for families. If you and your family run out of food or money, you may have an available supply, via aquaponics.

To start your aquaponics systems out right you may need some help from an expert. It is not recommended that you set out to do this all by yourself without any guidance whatsoever. A simple aquaponics plan for designing and creating your system is what you need. Of course, you could pay landscape designers a fortune to do this for you, but this is also not recommended. If only there was a DIY aquaponics guide to help you build your system and get it started.

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