Introduction to Bio fuels

Biofuels are energy sources derived from organic materials which are more environmentally friendly and renewable. Unlike fossil fuels such as petroleum, coal and gas which presence continues to drop, biofuels have a future prospect to replace fossil fuels as main energy supply. The most common biofuel is bio-ethanol. It is increasingly produced from sugar cane. To produce ethanol, biofuel undergoes fermentation process. Currently, the ethanol supplies less than 10% of consumption and will continue increase to 30% in 2025 (source: The International Energy Agency)

Currently, most of researcher works hardly to find feasibility of biofuels to make economic and practical. The target is to make biofuels has a high efficiency as gasoline which is made from fossil fuels. Efficiency is a measure how much energy can be used (output) for a certain purpose, drawn from the input energy.


According to research that ethanol derived from corn has only 20% efficiency while gasoline has 75% efficiency. Biodiesel fuel was recorded at 69% energy efficiency. Positive side that emerged from various studies is a cellulose product derived from the plant, has 85% of efficiency. This is higher than nuclear energy.

Information from the futures market for oil on the New York Stock Exchange shows that oil prices have tremendous fluctuations. Analysts predict that the availability of biofuels will effect on oil prices. While other analysis keep predict that oil prices will continue to rise due to the depleting of source. Analysis told again that if the government gives subsidies to encourage the distribution of biofuels and to promote biofuel relating with environment friendly, the demand for gasoline and diesel will decrease. Therefore it will relate with fossil fuel price.

There are several countries, which seriously involved in the development of biofuels such as Brazil. Brazil became the world’s largest producer of ethanol derived from sugarcane and produces three and a half billion gallons of ethanol per annum. United States, which is the largest oil consumption country in the world, are the second largest biofuel producers after Brazil. EU biodiesel production capacity is now more than four million tones. 80 percent of EU biodiesel fuels derived from rapeseed oil, soybean oil and marginal quantity of palm oil consists of 20 percent. The technology of a biofuel is really important. It is because the needs of renewable energy increases. Biofuel is energy, which is come from natural resources. It will prevent global warming effect in near future.

6 Reasons to use biofuels

It is now very possible to buy or make yourself ethanol (for gasoline engines) or biodiesel. The bio-fuels prices are today gradually closing the gap with those of fossil fuels and there are several advantages to it.

The following are some of the 7 benefits of biofuels:

  1. More available –As opposed to fossil fuels, biofuels can be without any difficulty be produced from agricultural materials. This basically ensures that the pool of fuel will surely never end, and that we can actually continue generate it, as we keep on produce our food.
  2. The prices are significantly dropping – simply because the reservoir is almost unlimited, we can guarantee that as time goes, the oil prices will gradually rise due to the increase in harvesting/demand ratio, whilst the biofuels prices will significantly decline due to the progress in agriculture techniques and science. In a couple of years from now, it is almost certain that biofuels prices will be way lower than those of the fossil fuels, so the sooner you decide to start using it, the better.
  3. Offering you independency – it is no secret that biofuels are rather simple to produce, and actually propose a novel prospect to fuel consumers – unlike today when huge companies controls the extensive fuel industry and even supply, making the relatively small consumer more of a slave to their will, biofuels will certainly allow small companies and individuals to dig into this business and significantly boost the competition. This is superb both to the clients and to the manufacturers.
  4. They are Healthier – ethanol and biodiesel are much safer than fossil fuels – they are in fact better to the environment, and have a pronounced implication with regards to global warming and the quality of air. If you really care about the air that you and your loved ones breathe, then you must take it under serious consideration.
  5. Bio-fuels are better to the car – well, it is important to note that biofuels are not only healthier to the environment, but also much better to the automobile engines. Detailed research carried out by the automobile industry clearly reveals that ethanol and biodiesel significantly increase the efficiency of the engine and even it life span.
  6. Have good political implications – Presently, most of the oil producing countries have enormous power in their hands, allowing them to easily take advantage of their power to simply harm the other countries that don’t actually produce oil, and this puts world peace at great risk. Crossing over to a more diverse fuel source will drastically reduce the pressure of oil deficiency, hence allowing many suppressed countries to prosper.

I strongly believe that this article has enlightened you on the many way you can make use of the biofuels. Additionally, it’s important that you keep in mind the numerous benefits you get from using this kind of energy.

I hope that the above reasons will be able capture your attention, to do something positive in that direction, towards making the world a better place to every individual.

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