Recycling – Healthy Habit

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Recycling – Healthy Habit

We all know that the earth’s environment really needs immediate attention, but just a few of us are taking steps to actually save our planet. Our colorful, clean and bright towns and cities also have ugly landfills and dump yards polluting our environment and living. Research shows that about sixty percent of our landfill can be recycled and it saves time, money and energy. Recycling is one of the best ways in which we can have complete usage of the products we use and act sensibly towards environment. Just throwing away trash in garbage bags or landfills does not end our waste problems.

Recycling is not a complex process; we can follow some simple steps at home or office, and be more responsible towards our environment. It is a good idea to start your recycling exercise from your home. Find some ways to reuse the resources available in your home, for example water. Check the recycling mark on each product we use and segregate the waste according to it. The main aim of your recycling program has to find beneficial ways in which you can completely utilize the product and not converting from one form of waste to another.


Natural trash items such as woods, plants and living organisms decompose in a shorter span of time [weeks or months], helping in healthy eco-friendly life cycle. But, the man made items like glass, plastics, and coke-cans, takes hundreds of years to decompose causing potential danger to environment and life cycle. Thus, recycling these non-decomposable products is one of the important methods to save our environment.

Governments and eco-friendly agencies are taking steps to manage waste in cities and other areas to address this growing issue. However, in spite of these aggressive campaigns to promote recycling, in practice, people are less aware about it. This is because; people do not have any proper resource or ideas to help them in recycling products. Some online green communities offer various tips and practical advice on recycling, which is useful for your recycling initiatives.

To be a better recycler, think about recycling before you throw a product in to the trash. Sort and segregate recyclable products in a separate trash or call recycling centers. Find some effective ways to reuse the product or some alternative use of the product. Sort the plastics according to their number codes for better recycling. Check the internet or some green community forums where you can find handful of information on recycling various products. These small steps and practices help us in reducing the landfill and environmental pollution and help sustainability.

Top 3 Tips On How To Recycle More At Home

There are many ways you can recycle, let’s go over a few of them.

  1. Less consumption

That one is close to the mind, however, we often times think of the stuff we buy as something we will keep in our homes for a long time and we forget that we throw out the packaging, which may sometimes be bigger than the actual item. Pay attention to the packaging material used for the products you consume, shifting towards a company that uses less packaging or the packaging can be recycled and reused is the one you are looking for.

Use reusable containers for food and water, don’t buy plastic bottles that you will throw out every time you drink the liquid in them.

  1. Be mindful of the rubbish

There are numerous uses you can find for the waste you have accumulated. For example, if a tech gadget breaks down, don’t throw it, try to fix it. Back in the day, people used to use a TV for 40 even 50 years. Don’t forget that you can recycle all kinds of materials and items, from furniture, carpets, and kitchen utensils to even building materials.


Get informed about the recycling policies in your municipality and find out what you can and cannot recycle. They will surely have a guideline that you can try to follow as closely as possible.

Buy recycled items. There are more and more companies that use recycled materials for their packaging and items, find who they are and buy their products. You might actually save some money by doing that as well.

Create more recycling categories. You definitely know the basics: paper, metals, and plastics. But they can be separated into smaller groups as well.

If you have not enough time to recycle the way you want to, you can always hire a professional waste disposal company that will do the hard work for you.

  1. Advanced

Now that we covered the basics, let’s delve more into the core of recycling. First of all, you can combine recycling with reusing. Reuse your water for gardening purposes or flushing down the toilet. Learn to compost. You can create better, organic fertilizer than the one you will pay for at the store. There is a variety of organic waste such as food, liquids, dried leaves and fresh cut grass or plants. Each of these can be used for different purposes. You can use weeds to protect your garden from more weeds or unwanted insects.

Depending on how enthusiastic and motivated you are, you can incorporate recycling into your life to such a great extent that you will not only reduce your negative impact on nature and the environment, but you will even affect your friends and family and there is a high chance they might start recycling and reusing as well. We might be a small drop in the ocean of waste that is generated each year, but if millions do it, it will make a difference!

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