Bartering Skills, Rather than Products

I’ve seen the subject of bartering come up in prepping circles from time to time. In the event of any major collapse, the assumption is that money as we know it will be worthless. That’s not surprising actually, considering that what modern money is based more on the shared belief that it has value, rather than the money itself truly being valuable. In ancient times, money was made from gold, silver and other metals which were understood to have value. That gave it a universal value, which easily crossed national boundaries. After all, an ounce of gold is still an...

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Best Places to Consider for Bugging Out

Having a well-prepared bug out plan is considered one of the staples of prepping. People talk all the time about building bug out bags, buying the ultimate bug out vehicle and even wanting to build that cabin off in the woods to use as a bug out retreat. But few actually have a plan in place. One of the biggest problems that most of us have is that we don’t have enough money to build that cabin in the woods as our survival retreat. With that big hole in our plans, it’s hard to put the rest together. Oh, we...

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Best Places to Build a Survival Retreat

Regardless of what your survival plans are, they have to include a bug out plan. Even if your home is the best prepared, best fortified and best stocked prepping home there is, built just for survival, you might find yourself forced to bug out. There are just some things that nature can do to us, which can make anyplace untenable. Few of us have a really great bug out plan. That’s mostly because of cost. Without an actual survival retreat to go to, our options just aren’t all that good. Oh, we can bug out and we can probably even...

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Booby Traps & Alarms

When we talk about defending our homes, there are usually two parts involved; passive and active defenses. Active defense are taking up arms and fighting in defense of home and family. This is the ultimate defense, as any passive defensive network can eventually be overcome. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have passive defenses in place. You should, because they will make it easier for you, when that time to take up arms comes. Passive defenses are mostly about making it harder for the bad guys to get into your home. To do this, we mostly concentrate on hardening...

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Bugging Out... City Style

Bugging out, and more specifically the bug out bag, have become one of the central themes of prepping. Everyone agrees on the need of a bug out bag, as well as a complete plan for bugging out, should the need arise. At the same time, I as well as many others who write on the topic of survival, have cautioned people to bug in whenever they can, rather than bugging out. The big problem with bugging out is the difficulty of surviving in the wild. Few people, even amongst the prepping community, actually have the necessary skills to survive for...

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