Building a Bug Out Bag

If there's one thing every prepper agrees on, it's the need to have a bug out bag. But that's about where the agreement ends. What should be in that bug out bag is another story entirely. Not everyone is in agreement about what they should carry. In fact, other than some common items, there is little agreement. Part of the problem is that everyone has their own idea of bugging out. When FEMA talks about it, they're expecting you to bug out to a shelter that they are running. When most survivalists talk about it, they're expecting you to live...

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Changes to Your BOB for Cold Weather Survival

One of the hardest things about preparing for a disaster, is that we don't know what disaster we're going to face or when it will happen. That can cause us a wide variety of problems, most notably in knowing what we're going to need. Invariably, we tend to prepare for the situation as we see it in our mind, not as it ends up being. But the two may be quite different. I've been at this for a long time, and I'm constantly looking at what other people are doing. You never know where you're going to find a good...

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Dealing with Kids in a Survival Situation

I’ve written before on how to train your kids for survival and how to get them “on board” with your survival prepping. But all that’s before a disaster happens. What do we do with them when the brown stuff hits the rotary air movement device and we’re suddenly up to our eyeballs in problems? There’s a Bible verse somewhere that says, “children are a joy and a blessing,” or at least that’s how my mother always quoted it. She didn’t quote it to us kids to tell us that we’re a blessing or that she was happy with us, but...

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Consider Modifying Your Pistol for Better Shooting

I’ve heard it over and over again; shooters blaming their mistakes on their guns, especially their pistols. It seems that people of all stripes have trouble accepting the blame for their own failings, so they look for something else to blame. In shooting, that often means their gun. One of the first things that many shooters want to do with a pistol is start messing with the sights. They can’t hit the bulls-eye and are convinced it’s because the pistol’s sights are off. So, they start making adjustments and keep on making adjustments every time they find that they can’t...

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Dealing with the Mental and Emotional Strain of Survival

There have been countless articles and books written about every physical aspect of survival you can think of. People talk extensively about items that can be used for survival and create lists of ways that some of those items can be used. Others tell you what you need to stockpile, each one trying to outdo the next. You can learn woodcraft skills and urban survival skills all over the place, but there is one area that is seldom touched; yet it is an important area to consider. That area is the mental and emotional part of survival. While not as...

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