What is Reduce Reuse Recycle?

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) expects you to learn and understand the 3 “R’s” when it comes to dealing with your trash. All those three words are vitally important especially if you really want to continue living on a greener and cleaner planet and one that is not brimming with yesterday’s refuse.

“Reduce reuse recycle” is your mantra to repeat to yourself every time you want to throw something away.

After learning the three “R’s” you will be in a position to set a better example and significantly assist your environmental services program in combating the never ending supply of garbage.

The first “R” in the three refers to reducing. This simply means to significantly reduce the amount of garbage you produce. Try to purchase items that will last longer so that you don’t have to purchase them often. Certainly, there will be items that don’t really have a long shelf life but you can still try to find those items that do.

Some packaging contains harsher chemicals than others. It may cost you a dollar or two more but try to go with items that have less packaging.

In the quest for reduce- reuse- recycle, re-using is next. Always try to reuse as many products as you possibly can in your own house. Plastic milk jugs usually make great pitchers for water and tea.

One can also use them as plant holders after decorating them a bit. On a community level, re-using also happens when recyclables are turned into various products, like notebooks or asphalt for paving roads.

final rThis simply means utilizing a recycling program from your local environmental services or sanitation department. You can always ask them what materials are locally accepted and then get the suitable recycling containers into which you can easily place that material for pick-up.

Papers go into one container. Plastic goes into another different container and glass certainly goes into a separate one. Then all three, together with trash that cannot be recycled, are collected by your local recycling or sanitation program. Additionally, you can choose to recycle your food waste products by simply setting up a compost heap.

The 3r’s – Reduce, Reuse And Recycle

The saying has been around for decades, but there is more to it than sorting through your trash at home, rinsing bottles and cans and placing a container by the road.

When it comes to recycling plastic, many companies in the U.S. and abroad are ignoring the process and using the “simpler” method of sending plastic waste to the landfill. They may be aware of the environmental benefits to recycling, but not the financial benefits it can bring to their company. Otherwise, they’d be doing things differently.

A recent study showed that nine million tons of plastic waste will end up in our oceans in 2015 alone, proof-positive that the majority of industries are uninformed about recycling benefits.

Scarily, this amount could increase by ten times as much in the coming years. Most can agree this isn’t ideal for our planet’s health, but many will fail to take the steps necessary to prevent it.

Recycling Companies Keep Working for Change

On a brighter note, the industry is booming for companies recycling plastic, there is steady increase in their clientele throughout the western U.S. and Canada.

By reducing waste, companies can turn the future of our planet into something promising. They carry an impressive logistics ability that allows them to pick up tons of plastic from companies and pay them for it, preventing it from ending up in a landfill.

They also recycle the plastic into sustainable, reusable and raw forms, available to companies for less than usual. They can choose pellet, pulverized and regrind forms of plastic that’s been repurposed into high-quality resin perfect for producing a variety of products.

An Endless List Of Uses

Recycling plastic is smart, and it can be used in so many things that companies fail to consider. Currently, these plastics are used in:

  • Toys
  • Building materials
  • Medical supplies
  • Automobiles

That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the possibilities for the resins produced at companies. For more information on what industries work with them, you can contact the professionals at the company and they’ll be happy to tell you.

Putting A Price On It

Though prices for buying and selling recycled plastic vary according to influence by global markets, the benefit is clear. Any money your company is earning from what would have potentially been garbage is a plus.

On the other hand, getting a lower price on recycled resins as opposed to purchasing them new is a no-brainer. The more companies realize this advantage, the sooner we see a better outcome for the environment.

Anything is better than absent-mindedly releasing dangerous toxins into the air we breathe. Clean air is priceless. More attention is necessary to bring this danger to the light, but also push the benefits of recycling plastic. Once companies realize what’s in it for them, they’ll jump on board.

It can’t be Easier

Companies are willing to work with clients to create a plan that allows them to collect plastic for recycling on their terms. It is no more difficult than throwing it away. Extensive logistics connections allow them to easily serve a variety of industries in their area, including medical and automotive.

Their combination of assets, experience and knowledge allows them to give top-notch processing capabilities, and will give your company a great reputation for doing their part to save the environment by adopting sustainable practices.

Companies that don’t wait to start making money can turn around and use the profits to grow and stay successful.

Dave Steen

About The Author: Dave is a 58 year old survivalist; father of three; with over 40 years of survival experience. He started young, learning survival the hard way, in the school of hard knocks. Now, after years of study, he's gray-haired and slightly overweight. That hasn't dimmed his interest in survival though. If anything, Dave has a greater commitment to survival than ever, so that he can protect his family. Click Here To Read More About Dave

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