Prepping for and Surviving a Flood

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast, all but destroying New Orleans, as well as many smaller communities. Seven years later, Superstorm Sandy, a combination of two hurricanes, hit the New Jersey seashore and New York City. In 2016 there was a once in a thousand year storm that dropped as much as two feet of rain on Louisiana in two days, flooding one third of the state’s parishes. Now, in 2017, Hurricane Harvey has plastered Houston, with over 50 inches of rain falling on the city in a matter of days. Fortunately, floods actually aren’t all that common....

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Prepping with Kids

At times, those of us who write about prepping, seem to do so from a bit of an idealistic viewpoint. Granted, we're writing about things that may happen and our theoretical answers to them. But even taking that into account, what we write can seem like it ignores the realities of most people's lives. I assure you, this isn't intentional; at least not in my own writing. I'm a very practical person and I look at prepping, like everything else in my life, in practical ways. However, I'm sure that I have just as much of a tendency to write...

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Self-defense when you can't carry a gun

More and more conservatives have taken to carrying a concealed firearm. Ever since states started reforming their concealed carry laws, with more and more of them moving from "may issue" to "shall issue" on the issue of concealed carry permits, the number of people who carry has been on the increase. Florida now has over 1.3 million law-abiding citizens with concealed carry permits, almost double the rate per capita of second-place Texas. If pro-gun lobbyists and lawmakers have their way, 2017 might see the passage of a nationwide reciprocity law, allowing people with concealed carry permits to carry them in...

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Skills to Make You Indispensable

There's a saying that goes around from time to time, about there being no such thing as an indispensible man. I first heard it in a company that I worked for many years ago, then later heard it in the military. Yet the same people who say that with all seriousness also say that the department, unit or company couldn't do without such-and-such a person, because they were the only one who understood some aspect of the business or its products. As I look back over time, I find that history itself refutes the idea that there are no indispensable...

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Survival for Seniors

One of the reasons why there is no "one size fits all" solution for survival, is that no two survival situations are alike. But that's nothing compared to the fact there is no "one size fits all" survivalist. Each of us is an individual and each of us has our own circumstances to worry about. While there may be a considerable amount of similarity across the board, there are always special circumstances that each of us must consider how we'll deal with. As I grow older, I've had to change many of my attitudes about survival. Part of that is...

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