Stuck in the Woods - Your First Actions

It's bound to happen eventually. Anyone who spends any time in the wilderness is going to get stuck in the woods sometime. That doesn't mean that they will have done something wrong. Nor does it mean that they can't navigate in the woods. Things happen. Whether it is a car breaking down, and unexpected injury, or a fast-moving storm coming in, there are things that can leave you stuck in the woods, regardless of how well trained and prepared you are. That's why you should never go into the woods without a survival kit. Even a small kit, carrying just...

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Survival Tools - What do You Really Need?

Probably the hardest part of putting together any bug out bag or survival kit is picking the tools you need. Today's survival market is filled with awesome tools which can make any serious survivalist drool. It seems that new tools and gadgets are coming out every week, with each one touted to outdo the last. The background noise from all this stuff can make it hard to think, let alone make a good decision. Hey, I like gadgets as much as the next guy... maybe more. I was an engineer for many years, so I guess you could say that...

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Winter Survival

Of all the possible scenarios one can find themselves in, wintertime is one of the most difficult to survive in. It also happens to be one of the most common, so it merits our attention. Any long-term survival situation is going to see us having to survive through one or more winters and the challenges that they present. Throughout history, mankind has struggled with the challenge of making it through the winter months. Much of our ancestors' efforts were centered around that one challenge. If the harvest was good and food was in abundance, getting through the winter would be...

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Survival Hunting

Many preppers and survivalists look to hunting as a means of augmenting their food stocks, giving their families fresh meat to eat and extending whatever food stockpile they have. There's good reason for that too. Throughout history, mankind has been a hunter, using that as one of our major sources of food. As preppers, we should be raising some sort of animals, poultry or fish for protein in our diets, just as we are growing vegetables in our gardens. Few have enough meat stockpiled for a long-term survival situation. So that meat will end up becoming an important part of...

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Winter's Coming, Are You Ready?

Living in a modern, industrialized society, winter is more of an inconvenience than anything else. For the average American, the worst problems that wintertime produce are higher heating bills and having to shovel snow out of their driveway. We don't worry about keeping our homes warm, finding water, feeding our livestock or having enough food to last through the winter. Yet for much of history, life revolved around preparing to survive the next winter. Bringing in the harvest, preserving food and chopping firewood were all major activities during the warmer months; not because they were needed at the moment, but...

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