Surviving an EMP

In his book, "One Second After" author William Forstchen paints an incredibly real picture of what life in a post-EMP America could look like. Staged in a small town, surrounded by mountains, the people of the town had to come to grips with the many problems faced by their technology suddenly coming to a stop and having to live in a world without electricity. They are faced with disease, lack of medicines, starvation and attacks by marauding bands that had turned to cannibalism. This story has gained such credibility that it has been cited on the floors of Congress and...

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The Survival Camper

I spent nine years of my life living on the road in a 33 foot Winnebago with my family. We traveled the length and breadth of this country, mostly on state highways and country roads. We stopped in small towns and state park campgrounds, and spent not a few nights in some Wal-Mart parking lot somewhere. Five of us lived in that motorhome, putting to shame what the tiny house community is doing. If you figure it out by square footage, we had 48 square feet per person. That camper was our home, vehicle, school for our children and office...

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Surviving Terrorism Within our Borders

With terrorism on the increase, people all over are concerned about how it might affect their lives. The chances of terror attacks seem to be increasing daily, as more and more Muslims of questionable repute leave the Middle East and head out into the rest of the world. While some are trying to escape the violence of jihad, others are trying to take it with them. The problem is, telling one group from the other is all but impossible. This clearly means that the risk to us all is increasing. If 15 to 25 percent of the Muslims in the...

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Woodworking Without Modern Conveniences

More and more people are coming to grips with the idea that, as a country, we may soon face a existential event. Of the possible tragedies mentioned, the most common is that of a EMP attack. Loss of the power grid, either through a high-altitude EMP or acts of terrorism, would truly bring this country to its knees. Millions would die and those who survived would be forced to find other ways of doing things. But for millennia mankind existed without electricity and all the modern conveniences it has brought us. So really, we don't need to look forward to...

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Your First Actions When Disaster Strikes

Planning is a big part of anyone's prepping. After all, what good does it have to build a huge stockpile of supplies, if you're not sure how you're going to use them. You might have just the thing you need, but if used at the wrong time, it might give you just the wrong result. A large part of the reason we plan is that when an emergency happens, there usually isn't enough time to think about what you need to do. If you don't have a written plan in place, you just might find yourself running around in circles,...

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