Hi there,

My name is Dave Steen and I want to thank you for visiting!

I am the founder, head survivalist & engineer at Survival Journal and I have been in this game ever since I can remember. 

My mission is to teach you everything you ever wanted to know about survival.

What are my credentials? Have I survived disasters?

Yes, I have!

I’ve lived through every scenario you can think of from hurricanes to blackouts through financial crisis… 

Once I was lost in the mountains; had my car go off the road in the blizzard and had to survive until they opened the road back up again.

I’ve had people try to rob me or break into my house…

And every single time I came out on top.

So, when I talk about surviving, I'm talking from experience.

What’s the story behind Survival Journal?

Well, this has been a life-long passion that started about 40 years ago, when the big threat was the Soviet Union and 30 minutes could make the difference between life and death.

It really wasn’t a comfortable time to be growing up. So I did all the planning to get away just in case of an attack. I knew where to go and hide, how to protect myself form the blast. But you know... to be honest with you we probably wouldn't have made! We would have died because of our lack of experience.

I remember asking my parents what was the plan and what were we supposed to do in case of a nuclear attack or invasion… and they just shrugged their shoulders telling me...

 “Oh, they’ll inform us then. Don’t worry… We’ll see if we get there!

I was baffled!

And it wasn’t because of their answer, but because I realized they actually didn’t know what to do.

Nobody taught us how to prepare, how to build a shelter, how to prevent getting sick or hurt and how to stay alive outside our home and comfort zone.

And we weren’t the only ones.

That’s when I decided that I needed to know how to survive and I was going to learn whatever I had to, so that I could do just that.

Back then we didn’t have to internet so the information wasn’t as abundant…

But I think that was a good thing actually, because I had to test everything myself, live in the wilderness, build shelters, study more and learn from my mistakes.

Survival Clothing

After graduating from high school, I joined the Army

After graduating from high school, I joined the Army where I learned infantry skills and how to efficiently fight off an enemy.

No, I wasn’t Special Forces or anything sexy like that. I was an artillery officer. But I learned a lot of good things to add to my survival skills. Every soldier and every officer learns basic infantry skills, because when all else fails, you’ve still got to fight off the enemy. So, I learned. I joined the pistol team and learned to shoot. I learned a lot from a couple of sergeants I had too, ones who had been snake eaters.

I became an engineer

Then, I got into college where I became an engineer and started building gadgets & systems, learning what works and what doesn’t.

In a sort of way, you can say I became a full-time prepper & survivalist with an engineer mind.

And my mission never stopped.

Yes, there are a lot of blogs and so-called survivalists out there, but only a few people today know the things I've learned through my years.

That is why I decided to share everything with you

Because I believe in the cause, I want to help people and everything I share here is what I have discovered during my 35 years of non-stop learning.

As you’ll see in my videos, articles and books, I always go the extra mile, test everything myself and look for viable solutions… not just repost regurgitated information that won’t be of any help in case of a real emergency.

Rather than sit on my porch or go fishing, I'm working for you, looking for real solutions in a world of constant change.

I'm making devices for survival, testing out theories, researching what works according to different scenarios, writing about preparedness, logistics, emergency protocols, health care, skills, weapons and sharing life-saving techniques.

I figured there are others out there, just like me, who want to take care of their families and I hope to help them do just that.

Everything on this website is written with the idea of saving lives.

Take advantage of it and don't let my years of study go to waste!

So, in closing I’d like to welcome you again to the Survival Journal family!

Thank you for investing your time listening to what I have to say and deciding to come with me on this journey…

So, look around at what interests you and if you have questions, comments, a life story that may help others, feedback or requests, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Let me know what you need… Let me know how I can help you...

I’d be happy to know you better and help you in any way possible.

Until next time, God bless!

Dave Steen

Take advantage of it and don’t let my years of study go to waste.

Dave Steen

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